Past Projects



JMD Consultants has worked on the 4 projects below with our associates in various roles from full Project Management to Technical Director and Systems Designers.


Motor Yacht Mary Jean II

Mary Jean II


Motor Yacht Mary Jean

Mary Jean


Motor Yacht Amadeus

Motor Yacht Amadeus


Motor Yacht Mariu




Princess Mariana 77M. (Now called Pegasus) JMD was Site Manager/Owners Rep/Project Manager for the 2.5 year contruction at Danyard Aalborg.

Princess Mariana

Princess Mariana underway


Princess Mariana

Princess Mariana in Sardinia


Project Shooting Star 38M, Danish Yachts


JMD has been the instigator and the force behind the 38M Aerocruiser (Shooting Star) built by Danish Yachts in Skagen. It is an example of how new and modern building techniques can be incorporated into yachting, producing a vessel with a speed over 50 knots powered simply by 2 diesel engines.

With a structural weight of around 25 tonnes (about 1/2 the weight of an aluminum or conventional polyester glass structure) and a lightweight interior very large gains in effeciency can be acheived. This vessel was completed in 2011.


"Shooting Star" the Carbon Fibre 50 knot twin diesel engined Superyacht from Danish Yachts


38M Fast Offshore Patrol Boat


Using a lot of the attributes gained from the Aerocruiser 38 it was natural for us to develop this into the military side where these fuel savings and efficiencies need to be quantified. For example the fuel savings for a carbon fibre patrol boat compared to an aluminum boat at 30 knots is calculated at 20%. For a speed of 10 knots (a very common speed OPB's) the savings are a staggering 30%. These numbers were based on a 32M patrol boat.



38M Patrol Boat

Carbon fibre 50 knot twin engined 38M High speed Patrol Boat




"Moon Goddess" 35 Metre carbon kevlar high speed motor yacht. JMD Consultants was Site Manager and technical consultant. Moon Goddess was capable of speeds up to 43 knots on only twin MTU 16V 4000 series engines. See photos and videos below...

Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess at full speed

Moon Goddess at speed

Moon Goddess at full Speed








Captain of Feadship 65M Cedar Sea II 1991 - 1993


Cedar Sea II

 Cedar Sea II alongside in Greece


Project Conception and tender preparation 1989 - 1991


Moecca at Anchor

Captain Mystique 1986 - 1989

Mystique Sister


Siister ship to Mystique at anchor in the Pacific